Help or complain{DIE}

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Help or complain{DIE}

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:58 am

IF you guys need any help with DIE or complain just ask me or one of the mods or administrators. I am just helping out because does other leaders are doing a great job to this clan.I will be happy to serve your needs!

1.If you have a complaint about the clan members report it to me or one of the leaders.
2.If you need help about the clan then tell it to the leaders cause i don't own the clan.
3.If you want to complain that you hate your team so much then don't bother telling us about that.
4.Never spam.
5. I will try to contact the leaders about your problems / help when i have time.
6.Do not break these rules.

So set all your problems about DIE here!!! Thanks!![center]


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