John's Site Assistant APP - Sample

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John's Site Assistant APP - Sample

Post by jOhN on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:31 pm

Note: This is a SAMPLE application for new users.
Each app must be made into an individual thread/topic with a title similar to the one above.
Anyone can read the apps, but only moderators and members of the specific usergroup may comment.
(Punishments will happen if someone other than the above people reply.)
You may NOT reply to your own app unless asked a question beforehand.
Copy and paste the application of the group you are applying for found
here and fill it out.

Username: John
Age: 85
How long have you been on this site: Since the day it was founded
How active are you: About 10 minutes per week.
What can you offer to this forum: Know-how and efficiency.

Thank you for taking time to read my app.

It is not at all necessary to use two different colors for your application, but it does help make it easier to read. Just make sure it is easy to identify the question you are answering.
After filling out your application be sure to request to join under the appropriate usergroup via the Groups button or the legend, or you will NOT be accepted.
When they have time, the usergroup members and moderators wil review your app.

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Sample Applications

Post by SpriTey on Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:46 pm

SpriTe's Graphic Application

Age:13,Turning 14.
Experience (time):Few months (A month or so)
Post few 5 or more of your best works:-Post (5) Of Your Best Graphic works-
Why do you think you belong in the graphics team:-Answer this in your own Asnwer.

Clan's Assistant Application

Age:Im 13,Turing 14 in 2 months.
How long have you been in the clan:Couple of weeks.
-Are you a clan moderator:Yes
How active are you on the site and game:Im pretty active in game and site,Few Hours for sitee and I get on game alot.

This will be reviewed.
Easy Steps
1-Make a thread in (Application)
2-Copy The Application and fill it out
3-Wait a few days for us,moderators,to reviewed your app and decide to let you in or not.

Thx For your time,SpriTe.
SE ish kewl
SE ish kewl

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