Graphic Shops;Guide to Buying and Selling

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Graphic Shops;Guide to Buying and Selling

Post by AmIDEADYet on Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:58 pm

Please follow these guidelines.

If you would like to start your own shop, you must first receive permission from a
Graphics Team member. It is recommended to take a screenshot and post it in the beginning of your thread as a spoiler. Now you may start a new thread that includes the following:

Explain what you have to offer that others may not be able to do.
Include an estimate of time before buyers' requests will be finished.

Include a form that people interested must fill out (preferably in code).

Include a few products you have made to grab people's attention. (Optional)

If you would like to request something, be sure to do the following:

Answer any questions or information that was requested.

Don't whine-
Do not complain if your request is taking some time.
Unless stated, if a work takes more than 3 days to complete, pm a mod or gfx team member.
Also, speak out if the product wasn't what you expected, but do it maturely.

After your request has been finished, remember to press the "+" button on the post for the person who made it for you and give them credit if they asked.

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You're being watched...
You're being watched...

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Steps Before Craeting Your Sig Shop.

Post by SpriTey on Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:14 pm

Graphic Shops

Each one of you have the permission to make a shop by asking one of the Graphic Crews -Graphic Crew are in the color or Dark Green- or you may ask me. -You have to Show me three of your latest works-
You have to show proof of you asking a Graphic Crew.You can screenie it,copy and paste it,but if we finds out that your just writing stuffs out,your thread will be locked or deleted

Now,Your up to the next step.
You need an application for your shop
Example from me
Color of Text:
*This is a simple application,You also need a sample sig to show us to see how does it looks like.

Last Final Step
Each sig they reqested have to be done by 3 days,Don't keep your customers waiting.If you can't finsih it in time,just ask one of us,moderators,to lock this thread up or just write (Lock Please) in your thread .

Horray,Your Doneee

* I know that my thread own AmiDeadYet's Thread [:
*But AmIDeadYet merged the threads so you cannot steal the glory [=

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