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.:Clan Assistant~How-to:.

Post by SacredAssassin on Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:45 pm

I figured this was needed, because it can set the bar for people in terms of how to act. I can't just accept everyone. :/

To become a clan assistant, all you need to do is be respectful, and active on both the site as a whole and PT. Pretty much, you need to help the clan. Great work and behavior are key.

If for some reason you are removed from the group, contact me for an explanation. All rules will still apply, regardless of CA status.



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Applications and tips

Post by AmIDEADYet on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:21 pm

Please read these guidelines and instructions before applying.
*Only members of the specific group and moderators may review apps.

1. Only apply if you think you are active and can maintain the responsibility of being in a usergroup. Failure in following the rules or doing your job correctly will result in removal of your position.

2. Do not beg anyone to read your application. It will be read when the group members have time.

3 If you are denied do not reapply until at least one week later.

4. After you have submit an application you must:
  • Request to join by clicking the "groups" button on the nav bar.
  • Or scroll down to the legend on the site index, find the group you are applying for, and request to join.

*Applications may change without notice. Always use the most up-to-date ones.

To apply, simply copy and paste the app of the group you are applying for and start a new thread.
Your patience is appreciated.

*More to come.

Graphics Team:
Description: Masters of making sigs, editing screenshots, etc who wish to help organize this section of the site.

Tips: Try posting the actual images of your works (using [IMG][/IMG] tags) instead of links.

Experience (time):
Post 5 or more of your best works:
Post 2 of your best pieces:
Why do you think you belong in the graphics team:
Do you promise to follow the forum rules at all times:

Site Assistant:
Description: Helpers of the forums with useful input, a helpful personality, and good common sense.

Tips: Be mature and post constructively.

How long have you been on this site:
How active are you:
What can you offer to this forum:
Do you promise to follow the forum rules at all times:


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You're being watched...

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